OPTY in as Part of the Solution

Sarah Tiet had a decision to make. During a pandemic with so many struggling Sarah wanted to help. She wanted to give something back to the community. While “no” would have been the best financial decision, the best personal decision was to say “yes”. Yes to becoming a member of the ‘Champions Club’.

“Cash is tight…but now is when mental health issues starting to show” explained the owner of OPTY Business Solutions. “If sports is going to help someone’s mental space it’s even more critical than ever that we get involved.”

She doesn’t have to go far to see the impact a pandemic can have. She and her family feel it (which includes her 11 year old daughter). “I see it with Teresa. Going to school online and not being around her friends” explained the tech based business analyst and accounting solutions provider. “My daughter is involved in figure skating, rock climbing, gymnastics, swimming and biking. We’ve turned sports into our family time” and now some of that is gone.
A little “birdie” (pun intended) told me that sport has been a big part of her life for many years. “I was very active since I was a little kid. I did well in badminton for NAIT and I have kept playing up to now. I still try to play 4 to 5 days a week.”
When she’s not making a racquet on the court she’s trying to make some noise in the business world. OPTY Business Solutions is a company Sarah has owned for the last decade and it employs 9 people. Ironically she’s not an accountant but she leads a team who know their way around numbers. “Small businesses don’t often have the luxury for an in house controller/accountant” said Tiet “that’s where we come in by improving efficiencies through cloud accounting and enabling decision making with real time data.” Normally you will find Sarah and her staff at Sunlife Place, but for now like many others, they are working from home.

Where Sarah really feels at home is when she’s doing something in sports. Her days of playing doubles taught her to think of what her partner would do next. She’s translated that into the business world by trying to stay one step ahead of the competition, and like on the court, be a smashing success. “Sports is like business and in fact life” explained Tiet “it involves hard work and discipline.”

Now is certainly the time where things aren’t easy for so many including OPTY Business Solution yet it didn’t deter Tiet from the $500 Champions Club membership cost. “I’m an optimistic person and I felt connecting with a smaller local charity is where you can make the biggest difference. You can make a greater impact in a short amount of time.”
Sarah Tiet and Opty Business Solutions have done that for the kids in need that Sport Central serves. They have certainly proven to be “Part of the Solution”!!!