Capilano Glass – Glass Half Full

You can consider Wayne Brandt a glass half full kind of guy. Now the reason I say that has to do with his positive approach to life but I should also mention that he’s a part owner of Capilano Glass. “I worked for 23 years with a supplier to Capilano Glass” explained Brandt “but then about eight years ago I had the opportunity to buy into the company. It’s been a great fit.”

Wayne also found that sport has been a great fit in his life and that of his kids. “When I was growing up I played hockey till about bantam and then I branched off to other things” said the business owner. “We (our family) also didn’t have a lot but we had enough to get by.” Born in Regina Wayne moved to Lethbridge in 1977 and worked and raised his family there. His son (Shaun) and daughter (Ashley) picked up their father’s love for sport. “My daughter was heavily into soccer and my son was a rep hockey player.” Sports was a family affair as Brandt, when he wasn’t on the sidelines, was in the board room volunteering his time with minor hockey before the family headed north to Edmonton in 2002.

Along with volunteering his time Brandt was happy to “volunteer” the $500 membership fee to help get the newly formed Sport Central Champions Club off the ground. “Now that I own a company it allows me a little more leeway to help out” said Brandt “and I have always had interest in helping out kids. Whether it be thru sports or the Stollery Children’s Hospital.” This is a classic case of giving back. The company he co-owns employees 60 people. Brandt would like to help keep his workers working and kids playing. “It’s hard to just depend on government grants which means it’s up to the private sector to step up and help out” said Brandt. “Parents can’t always depend on being able to put their kids in sports. It’s why the Champions Club was an easy yes for our company.”

While the value of helping kids play sports can be seen immediately thru the smiles and laughs, there are other advantages. Participating in sport provides life long benefits. “For me it’s clear that being on a team benefits kids and eventually the adults they turn into. I really believe it helps with work ethic, commitment and having that feeling that you don’t want to let your teammates down. I think it makes for better citizens, better overall people and teaches them life lessons they’ll be using for a long time.”

Wayne Brandt knows life can be a “pain in the glass” and when it is you can count on Capilano Glass who is celebrating their 40th year in business. You can also count on Wayne Brandt giving back to the community. He’s a season ticket holder with the Edmonton Oilers and while he like many of us, waits for hockey to return, he didn’t want to wait any longer in helping out kids and becoming a member of the Champions Club.