Stephanie Rodenkirchen is the Founder and CEO of Lotus Group – a licensed Search, Recruitment, HR and OH&S consulting collective that customizes solutions for organizations across Canada. Stephanie started Lotus Group with a clear vision to elevate organizations and careers in a sustainable way. As a leader and an award-winning Search and Human Resource professional she is known for her passion and drive to deliver the very best for clients. “Our business is growing three hundred percent per annum and we have grown from 2 to 24 consultants in recent years.
We work with companies of all sizes across many sectors. From oil and gas companies to universities and not for profits (such as Kids with Cancer Society and Second Chance Animal Rescue).”

As an empowered female executive and mother of two, Stephanie describes how her children and desire to innovate inspired her to launch Lotus Group. “The Lotus Group was born from necessity three years ago. Due to our family circumstances, I had to be home and still provide. I had always seen room for innovation within my industry and continually felt drawn to create something that I knew would serve businesses in an elevated way. I decided in that moment to lean into my circumstances and draw strength from the unwavering belief that my children displayed in me. I haven’t looked back since.” Rodenkirchen continued, “I didn’t know at the time if the launch would be successful, it all began seven months before the pandemic, so I was thrown some serious curveballs after getting started. It took a lot of hard work and resiliency for the business to grow. Our continued success comes from our trusted and elevated solutions, referrals, and relationships.”

Stephanie and the Lotus Group have started an exciting new relationship with Sport Central as a member of the Champions Club. As a past coach and All-American Athlete, Rodenkirchen draws value from her years of experience in sport and coaching. “I feel very aligned to the causes supported by Sport Central and I am thrilled to be able to support through the Champions Club. Involvement in sport delivers an enriching experience for children that carries into adulthood and all children deserve to have access to these experiences.” Ms. Rodenkirchen continued, “Community support is very important to me and the team at Lotus Group. Whether it is through Kids with Cancer Society or Second Chance Animal Rescue, giving back where we can is a priority for us.”

Stephanie has a deep understanding of how sport bleeds into business and giving kids a chance to play is where it all gets started. “I was 5 when I started playing soccer and I eventually worked my way up to playing in the B.C. Provincial Soccer Association. It wasn’t easy on my mother, and I didn’t know until years later that she wrote a letter to the association seeking provincial funding. If she wasn’t bold and brave enough to write that letter, my course in life could have been very different.”

Stephanie advanced to play NCAA Division 1 soccer in the U.S before eventually transferring back to the University of British Columbia where she then skied for the alpine varsity ski team for four years, ultimately moving on to coach. Sports have impacted her life tremendously and she wants the same to be true for other kids. “Sport Central really spoke to me because for many families it is tough to get started. When kids have a chance to participate in sport, it allows them to learn other valuable life skills and it provides them a runway to success. We can make a lasting impact on the children in our community by making sport an accessible and positive learning experience for them.”

Making sport positive for kids is exactly what Stephanie Rodenkirchen and the Lotus Group are doing with their commitment to the Champions Club.